Since childhood, I always loved animals and dreamed of working for them. I decided to share gratitude for the love that my loving cat gave me when I lost her for cancer. Then I became a groomer.

The most cherished belief is that New Breeze is friendly to both dogs and the earth all the time. We never neglect to make dogs happy and relaxed during grooming or any other time. At New Breeze, all the shampoo and conditioner we use at salon are all natural, eco-friendly, derived from plants products.

“The most important thing is ...How to communicate with dogs.Dogs know whether you care about them or not. When they know you care, they trust you...”

It makes me very happy when dogs open their mind to me. Communicating with them is such a beautiful experience. When dogs are happy, the owners are happy too. Those owners' smiles make me so grateful to the opputunity to serve them.

For now and future, I will not only make use of my experience but also try new styles to make everyone even happier by serving each one of them just as they need.
I hope everyone will love New Breeze for a grooming salon that both dog and owner can count on.