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Dear Ria and Jun,

We wanted to thank you for always taking such great care of our dog Felicity. We never had a dog that loved going to get a bath so much! From the minute our car door opened, she was out and in the your door ready for you guys. She even knew exactly where to go! You would always make sure she would come home nicely trimmed, soft, and smelling nice. The thing we loved the most about you guys (besides how wonderfully you groomed her,) is that you always greeted her out and treated her with so much care. It shows that you really do love what you do.

Thanks also for always being so accommodating and having her always ready on time. Felicity misses you, as do we. I don't think we will ever find anyone that will even come close to you guys.

Sanjeet, Tommy and Felicity Bradbury, California

Ria is one of the best groomers I've had the pleasure of working with. The first thing that you notice is how sweet and kind she is which is the same way she handles each dog she grooms.

We started with Ria when she first opened up in Monrovia, California. She immediately listened to our needs and quickly groomed our cockapoo, Abby, according to our wishes, but also making her look incredibly adorable. When people see Abby, they are drawn to her right away because you just can't help but want to pet her. The comment I always get is how soft she is which is due to Ria's grooming skills (Abby doesn't feel like that when I wash her myself).

I was devastated when Ria told me she had to move to Hawaii due to family issues. We, Abby included, miss her terribly. She not only was a wonderful groomer, but also became a friend to us.

I would highly recommend Ria as your pet's groomer.

Jenna, Abby and Jean Tsunashima

There are three things you should know before reading this review. First, I may be the most particular, high-maintenance human being ever to walk the Earth. Second, I'm a dog lover. The kind of dog lover that believes dogs should sleep in beds and eat organic dog food. I've loved and been loved by two dogs in my life, spanning the course of 21 years. Third...my about-to-be three-year-old Shih Tzu has long hair that requires a visit to the groomers EVERY week. So I want him to enjoy the one day out of every week that he has to be away from home.

When Rie and Jun first bought the shop of the groomer I'd had since my guy was a puppy, I panicked. How could they ever compete with my groomer? But from the moment I stepped through the doors of the shop (under new ownership), I knew these darling people were one in a million. A rare and precious find in the dog community.

First, their shop was immaculate. And I don't just mean clean. I mean SPOTLESS. As clean as my home would be, which I never thought I'd find in a dog groomer. And there was always a photo album and TV slide show of all the dogs. It's been said that love is in the details. And every detail of this shop showed what love they had for the dogs and their owners.

Another thing...having a long-haired Shih Tzu with shaved poodle feet and sensitive skin makes me a very complicated customer. But Rie and Jun never had a single problem making him look EXACTLY like his original groomer did. He always came out of there looking exquisitely and perfectly groomed. It was jaw dropping, really. And everyone that saw him would immediately ask where I had him groomed.

But besides being immaculate and extremely skilled groomers, you will never meet a more endearing couple than this. Even though they now live in Hawaii and I'm in Southern California, I will never forget them. They have been the highlight of my experience as a dog owner. The pup and I consider them family. And I would trust Rie and Jun with the care and happiness of my most beloved companion any and every day.

Elizabeth Jones

Susan Cho & Pepper