Our Staff


He used to be one of the top hair stylists graduated Vidal Sasoon.
Being a shy guy, he found out he communicate better with dogs.
If you look at his scissor tecnique, you will know he is real professional.
He is especially good at handling larger breeds.

Certified Groomer
: Animal Attendant, Pet Sitter, CPR

Hello! My name is Rie Suzuki (call me Ria!) I am originally from Japan.
Thank you for being interested in New Breeze Dog Salon.
I started this business in 2002 at Los Angeles, California where I got my grooming certificate.
Then, I moved to Hawaii with my family after I got my baby in search of a better environment. And we love it here ;-D

My grooming priority is to make dogs relaxed and happy even during the grooming process. (It will take quite a lot of tricks which I have aquired from my experience.) We also believe in Eco-friendly grooming.
Please come and feel the difference at New Breeze Dog Salon.

Picture with Grooming Students (middle)

Rie Suzuki is also contributing herself for training Grooming students.
During 2005 to 2007 in L.A., she gave several lectures about "Grooming in America" for students visiting from Japan.